Trap Shooting Gear Must-Have

Trap shooting is one exciting sport where shooters aim at moving clay targets. It’s a unique sport that is sometimes confused with skeet shooting. Both sports originated from bird hunting.

While the sports are similar, trap shooting involves hitting targets that are moving away from the shooter. You need an oscillating machine to shoot at the targets at an angle. 

As targets move away from the shooters, it becomes challenging to have a precise shot. This is what makes the sport exciting and challenging. Shooters usually make five shots from different angles to create a circle of shots around the target.

Preparing for trap shooting is not something to take lightly. While you can shoot with a shotgun and some targets ready, there are several gears you need for precision and safety.

Join me as I discuss essential trap shooting gear below.

Special Trap Shooting Gear to Have

From a shotgun to box shells, there are several items you need for trap shooting. You need to focus on shooting accessories and safety ears.


The first and most crucial item for trap shooting is a good range bag. Being organized means everything for a shooter. You want to have your gears properly stored in the right place.

How are you going to carry gear to a shooting range? Consider a sturdy and durable range bag. The ideal range bag should be large enough to fit all your essentials.

Additionally, you need a range bag that is waterproof to protect gear from the water. Once you have a quality range bag in place, you can move and start gathering the necessary gears and essentials.


Protection is key whenever in a shooting range. Since targets are in the air and you’ll be aiming upwards, you need good eye protection. Invest in some quality shooting eyewear.

Recoils and powder from firearms can get into your eyes and cause injury. Make sure you get impact-resistant sunglasses. The ideal glasses should also protect the eyes from direct sunlight.

Eye protection is a must and you don’t want to take any chances. Hot powder flecks getting into your eyes can cause serious injuries. 

The ideal eyeglasses color to choose depends on the shooting conditions. Brown, grey, and purple glasses work best in the bright sun.

However, you can also opt for advanced ear protection. This includes amplified earmuffs. Amplified ear muffs let you hear while offering excellent protection. You can easily communicate with other shooters but still have your ears protected.

Furthermore, amplified ear muffs are inexpensive and can be worn over earplugs.

Consider bright-colored orange or rose-colored glasses since they offer good target visibility. While dark glasses offer excellent sunlight protection, they have reduced visibility.

Secondly, you need to invest in quality ear protection. The loud sounds from firearms can be deafening to the ears. You can consider molded earplugs or foam earplugs. Both are excellent and offer ear protection.

Thirdly, make sure you get the right gloves to protect your hands and fingers. Quality gloves can protect your hands from recoil or any hot powder.

Shooting vests and shell pouches

While shooting, you need to have your ammo and cartridges. This can be carried conveniently on your body. Get some quality shooting vests and shell pouches to carry a few accessories and gear on you.

For a start, shell pouches are a must-have for any trap shooting. They allow for easy carrying of shells from one location to another. The pouches are usually divided and carry multiple shells at once.

Secondly, make sure you get shooting vests with pockets. Shooting vests are ideal for carrying glasses, choke tubes, and even shells. 

They are uniquely designed with a soft inner lining to reduce recoil. Vests are typically additional padding that protects against recoils. The extra padding on the shoulders also ensures comfortable carrying on your range bag.

In addition, most shooting vests feature D-rings to carry keys and other small accessories. Fit as many items on you as possible when wearing the shooting vests.

Shell catchers

Next, you need to have some shell catchers for any automatic loaders. The catchers usually attach to receivers of most guns. However, some guns might require tape to attach them. They are essential and a must-have for any trap shooting.

You can also attach them using hair ties and rubber bands.

Hard gun cases

How do you go about transporting guns to the range? Are you the type of shooter that protects your gun with a sleeve? As you walk into any sporting course, you need a secure way to carry your gun.

Having some hard gun cases can ensure you carry and protect your gun. Whether you’re carrying an extra gun or not, some hard gun cases are necessary.

Clay carts

If you’re looking to transport multiple guns, then consider some clay carts. Clay carts look much like strollers and allow easy carrying of guns to the shooting range.